You may have encountered some troubles when using Chia light wallet, such as slow synchronization and lack of support for using one mnemonic to manage multiple accounts. Now, you may choose to manage your XCH/CATs in Pawket!

Pawket is an open-source and secure offline wallet for Chia network. (Of course it works pretty fine in online mode!)

Lighter than Chia light wallet, but with the same, maybe even better, functions.

  • Easily manage your assets on Chia Blockchain
  • Fully compatible with Chia official client
  • Optimized for both desktop and mobile
  • Create and manage your wallets offline and be safe
  • Support offer and shadow wallet (in experimental mode)

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1. Why do we develop Pawket?

In our daily work, we need to manage a large number of wallets, so there are more mnemonics to be memorized. Yet Chia official client does not support one mnemonic to manage multiple accounts. For our own convenience (and for the “fact” that idleness is the first productivity for programmers!), we develop Pawket, a derivable mnemonic wallet.

2. What is the most significant difference between Pawket and other Chia wallets?

The prototype of Pawket is essentially an “offline wallet manager”. By creating a 12-word mnemonic phrase (we think that a 24-word mnemonic phrase is too long), you can derive unlimited wallet accounts, including accounts with passwords (which we called “shadow wallet”); The derived account will automatically generate a fingerprint and 24 mnemonic words that are fully compatible with Chia official client, which can be directly imported into Chia client for use. The whole process is in an offline environment, which significantly improves the security level of the wallet.

We think that “offline wallet” is the core feature of Pawket. It supports multi-account management in an offline environment, which is still not done by other current wallets (including Chia official wallet), but is really needed for users.

3. Why do we name our Chia wallet “Pawket”?

The fungible tokens minted from XCH and live on Chia’s blockchain are named Chia Asset Tokens(CATs). Pun intended. To keep the official meme tradition, we looked for a highly related word to CAT and finally found PAW. Pawket is homophonic with pocket, which also exactly implies our theme: a pocket wallet that manages CAT.

4. How do you keep your wallet safe?

Firstly, as we claim, Pawket is a wallet that can be used offline. If you install Pawket on an offline device (such as a cell phone that lays idle), it can be used as a cold wallet. (Currently, only wallet creation is supported in offline scenarios, and the offline signing is working in progress.)

Secondly, the user’s mnemonic information is encrypted with the login password and stored locally. Without the password, even if your device has been controlled by hackers, they can’t easily get your mnemonic phrase (because it’s encrypted). Therefore, we remind you that the login password should not be too weak for security reasons.

We have open-sourced the backend code of Pawket and are preparing to open source the entire code. Everyone is welcome to supervise and review Pawket!

5. What are the plans for the future?

Because the core functions are basically completed, we will focus on user experience optimization, such as dealing with the known bugs, optimizing the process and layout, and making the user interface more beautiful. (Yes, we know that the current UI is not pretty, but it will be better. =^.^=)

Our next step is to bring about the view-only-wallet function, and we also hope that Pawket will support the display and transaction of NFTs after the Chia official NFT standard comes out.

Visit Pawket official website to see our Roadmap for more details.

Last but not least, we hope you all like Pawket and our designs. We welcome comments, questions, concerns, or suggestions from you!