Due to the recent incident of stealing XCH, many friends are concerned about how to keep their assets safe. Here, I would like to recommend you use Pawket to create an Air- gapped (offline) wallet.

What is Air-gapped

Air-gapped wallets are crypto wallets that are completely disconnected from the internet and from any form of wireless communication, providing additional security.

Pawket is the first air-gapped wallet in the Chia ecosystem. With Pawket you can create an Air-gapped wallet, which is offline and secure, but you can also use it to sign transactions offline(need to cooperate with an online device), thus enjoying the same convenience as an online wallet.

This tutorial will teach you how to create an Air-gapped wallet and initiate an offline transaction.

How to create an Air-gapped wallet with Pawket

  • Refreshed one Android phone, and set WiFi/Bluetooth/GPS disabled.

  • With USB, upload pawket.apk to the phone and install it (no internet connection needed).


  • Follow the prompts to complete the wallet creation. It is an Air-gapped wallet created offline. (Let’s call this AGP for short.)


How to initiate transactions with Pawket Air-gapped wallet

  • After creating an account with AGP, share the account public key* with an Online Pawket. (Let’s call this ONP for short.)

    • *: To get the account public key, click ScanPublic Key QR Code in the logged-in UI.


  • After adding the AGP’s public key to the ONP, you can view the balance, send XCH/CAT, batch send, issue CAT, mint NFT and almost everything just like it’s online.


  • However, since only the public key is added to the ONP, only the observer key can be viewed.


  • Now you can use ONP to initiate transactions. You will find that it will generate a QR code.



  • You need to use AGP to scan this QR code.


  • Then use ONP to scan the QR code on AGP (it is the signed message on AGP).


  • Submit! Done!


  • Create an Pawket Air-gapped wallet(AGP) offline.
  • Add the Public-key account on an online Pawket (ONP).
  • Use AGP to scan the QR code on ONP to generate the signature.
  • Then use ONP to scan the signature QR code on AGP.
  • Finally, use ONP to put the signature into the spend bundle and send it to the blockchain.

Using an Air-gapped wallet not only ensures security but also provides flexibility.
Hope everyone can keep your assets safe as much as possible!